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DRBA in the Classroom

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Training our children to be good stewards of our planet should always be a top priority. DRBA in the Classroom is an amazing menu of programs that brings nature to the classroom and makes it a mission to improve math and science grades, inspire environmental awareness and teach an appreciation of the natural world. DRBA in the Classroom connects students to their local watershed and you as a facilitator are the important link to that connection.


Educational Programs:

"Tub O Bugs" Introduces students of all ages to the wonders of aquatic insects (macroinvertebrates) that sustain our river and stream ecology.

Water Quality Monitoring
Introduces students to water quality testing using chemicals and physical properties.  Students learn protocols and techniques for monitoring local stream, collecting data and learning how to help keep them healthy. 

Flora and Fauna Presentations
A knowledgeable staff member educates the students on your choice from a variety of topics relating to plants and and animals found in nature throughout the Dan River Basin.

Learn more about Trout in the Classroom!


DRBA in the Corporation

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Like individuals who give of themselves to help create a better society, corporations are striving to leverage their assets to contribute to society and become better citizens locally as well as the global forum. Evidence suggests that companies who invest in socially responsible business practices benefit from enhanced reputation, increased brand loyalty as well as heightened consumer and employee appeal. Good corporate citizenship is good for business. DRBA provides a variety of activities for our corporate partners that can improve reputation management; employee recruitment, motivation and retention; learning and innovation; competitiveness and market positioning; and operational efficiency.


DRBA Community Partners

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Nonprofits often partner with other organizations to achieve mutual objectives more effectively and to make the most of limited financial resources. At DRBA, we know that by working together we can achieve a lot more than working alone. We hope you will consider a partnership with DRBA and we're looking forward to achieving great things for our community together!