Volunteer Opportunities Currently Available

LEARN Education Volunteer Opportunities

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CARE Stewardship Volunteer Opportunities (includes water quality testing)

Why Volunteer?

In giving your time and talents as a DRBA volunteer, you are joining a dedicated, creative and energetic team of individuals who care about protecting and promoting the natural and cultural assets of the Dan River Basin. Your work will be meaningful, and you will help ensure that the environment is preserved for future generations and promoted in a way that supports economic development of the Dan River Basin region. Some other benefits of becoming a DRBA volunteer include:

  • Seasonal opportunities to work outdoors on the rivers, trails and natural places that make our area unique.
  • Learn new skills.
  • Be part of something larger than yourself - preservation of the environment.
  • Work on unique and interesting nature projects.
  • Help introduce others to outdoor recreational opportunities that can improve their health and change their lives.
  • Work on interesting and unique nature projects;
Becoming a DRBA Volunteer is Easy...