May 18, 2013

Work day on the Salthouse Branch to Twin Ridge (SHB-TR) phase of trail development at Philpott Lake. We've had good success so far, roughing in about a mile of new trail. This extended the existing trail at Salthouse Branch to a total of 1.2 miles so far. We've gotten good feedback from our local bike club partners about design and routing. We've tried to incorporate that as much as feasible, given terrain and property boundary constraints. We look forward to a good turnout on Saturday. John Herman, lead trail volunteer at Philpott Lake, will be coordinating these efforts. Don't forget to wear sturdy work boots, gloves, etc. and to bring plenty of water and snacks. We will meet at Salthouse Branch Park at 9 am (down by the Roland Branch boat ramp). Tell the gate attendant that you are a volunteer coming to work on the trail so they don't try to charge you to get into the park. Thanks for all your support so far. Please pass this along to anyone else who may be interested. Mary Lawson, Conservation Biologist, Philpott Lake, 1058 Philpott Dam Road, Bassett, VA 24055
P: (276) 629-4512 ext. 227