Threats & DRBA's Response

There are many threats to our local environment right now. DRBA works with local, regional, state and national partners to help protect the Dan River Basin for future generations. The Stewardship Fund provides funding to obtain special expertise when needed to stop the threat.

Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill & Coal Ash Waste in the Dan River Basin

Find media, resources and links related to the Duke Energy Coal Ash Spill and coal ash waste in the Dan River Basin here.

Uranium Mining

DRBA's board of directors passed a resolution in 2011 showing support for maintaining the ban on uranium mining in Virginia and have sponsored several events to help educate the public about the issues related to uranium mining. DRBA continues to work with regional partners to maintain the ban on uranium mining in our region and is a contributing member of the Keep the Ban Coalition. 

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)

DRBA's board of directors passed a resolution showing support for maintaining the moratorium on "fracking" in North Carolina in 2019. We have sponsored several educational events to help our region understand what fracking is and how it can affect our water including a showing of "Gasland" and public outreach meetings. Learn more about fracking and clean water issues in North Carolina  the issue here.

Model Forest Policy Program (MFPP)

DRBA is the first to develop a Model Forest Policy Program Implementation Plan which focuses on climate change strategies in Rockingham County, NC. Focused on protecting the natural resources of region, the plan provides a roadmap to keep the air, land and water sustained for future generations. Learn more.

Proposed MVP Construction

The proposed MVP Southgate would be located in DRBA's service area and would have a direct and daily impact on the lives of residents and visitors who live, play, work and visit in this region. This impact would occur during the construction and operational phases of this proposed project across the multitude of acres of property in both Virginia and North Carolina in the Roanoke River Basin and the Cape Fear River Basin. In 2019, DRBA's board of directors provided public comment to FERC with regard to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate Extension (MVP Southgate) and continues to follow the progress of the project. T

Based on review of the DEIS, the DRBA Board of Directors believe the Mountain Valley LLC partners and Equitrans LP (MVP Partners) have not demonstrated public need for the MVP Southgate Extension and that the MVP Partners have repeatedly failed to meet its commitment to environmental protection during construction of the MVP mainline in Virginia and West Virginia. In addition, DRBA believes the MVP Southgate project will do significant harm to water and air quality; fish and wildlife; forest and farmlands; wetlands, rivers and streams and that no negative environmental impact, no matter how “temporary” or “insignificant", is warranted for a project that does not clearly and demonstrably meet a critical public need. 


Littering is illegal, but it still happens and is a major issue throughout the Dan River basin. Litter is more than an eyesore along our highways; it pollutes waterways, kills animals and as it breaks down, leaches many chemicals into our soil and groundwater. DRBA's staff addresses the problems by holding several cleanups throughout the year and works with other organizations to get the message out to the community so they can help keep our natural resources beautiful and clean.

Success Story: Proposed Landfill in Eden, NC

A regional landfill was proposed to be constructed within feet of the Dan River just upstream from the community's drinking water intake in 2011. DRBA hired legal assistance, with the help of many donors and sponsors, to stop the proposed landfill development and after several years, the project was cancelled. The site is now proposed to be a public park and river access.