Bridging Boundaries, Building Community

DRBA TodayThe Dan River Basin Association (DRBA) works to bridge borders and build communities in the piedmont region of southern Virginia and - northern North Carolina. DRBA is working to foster the creation of a regional identity as a way to promote the history, natural resources, and unique features of the Dan River valley region that straddles the state
dividing line between Virginia and North Carolina.

By protecting the region's natural assets such as the Dan River and its tributaries, DRBA is working to promote tourism as well as healthy lifestyles. DRBA assists localities in creating community parks, trails and access to local rivers and streams. A recent example of a DRBA bi-state initiative is the approval of a feasibility study by the Virginia General Assembly for the creation of a state park along the North and South Mayo rivers in Virginia that would connect to the Mayo River State Park in North Carolina.

By promoting a bi-state network of rivers, greenways, and trails, DRBA hopes to improve the region's quality of life, making the area a better place in which to live, visit, and do business.

Our Mission: The Dan River Basin Association (DRBA) protects and promotes the Dan River Basin through recreation, education and stewardship.

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