Board of Directors


Sonya Wolen
Danville, VA
Retired Science Educator


Vice President

Wayne Kirkpatrick

Stuart, VA

Retired dairy farmer; certified water quality monitoring trainer



Shawn Gorman

Greensboro, NC

Retired Business Management, Manufacturing and Product Development


Margaret Petty
Eden, NC
Retired Educator



Mark Bishopric
Eden, NC
President, Spray Cotton Mills; Partner, Three Rivers Outfitters


Tyler Carter

Martinsville, VA

Commercial Lending Specialist, Carter Bank & Trust

Mark Estes

South Boston, VA

UMC | Executive Director, Halifax County Service Authority


Rebecca Gibson

Westfield, NC



Paul Johnson

Martinsville, VA;

Retired Director, Halifax County-South Boston Regional Library


Tory Mabe

Sandy Ridge, NC

County Tourism Director


Jo Andra Proia

Summerfield, NC

Owner, Outdoor Women by Jo Proia, LLC


Jim Tobin

Martinsville, VA

Retired Community Services


Will Truslow

Greensboro, NC

Retired Physician


Fletcher Waynick

Reidsville, NC

The Museum and Archives of Rockingham County