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Past Webinars

4/15/20  Protecting Our Waterways - What you can do to help now!  

Learn about fun stewardship projects that you can do even during a crisis, including being a DRBA River Watch Monitor, starting a Clean Up Crew, and becoming a Certified Water Protector.  Just because you are social distancing, doesn't mean you have to stay away from nature or protecting the environment!

Recorded Webinar Session

4/22/20  Rain Barrels & Reducing Your Water Footprint

Learn all about rain barrels and how to reduce your water footprint by practicing water conservation.  We all need clean water and there is no better time to start conserving it!

Recorded Webinar Session


4/29/20  Virtual Tub of Bugs!

Join us for an exciting and unique webinar learning about aquatic insects and crustaceans found in a stream in the Dan River basin.  Aquatic life is a great indicator of the health of our rivers and streams.  In this webinar, you'll learn about identifying the small creatures and what their presence (or absence!) means.

Recorded Webinar Session


5/6/20: Snakes, Oh My! 
Snakes are a fascinating and important part of our incredibly diverse eco-system. There are more than 2,900 species of snakes in the world.  They live almost everywhere, in deserts, forests, oceans, streams, and lakes.  Join us to learn a little about the 33 species that live within the Dan River Basin. This webinar will help you identify the most common types of snakes you may encounter and learn how to distinguish the 4 venomous species, how to avoid conflict with snakes and why they are an important part of the environment.

Recorded Webinar Session


5/13/2020 - New Trails & River Accesses in 2020

DRBA’s working on several trail and river access enhancement projects throughout the Dan River Basin. Be the first to know where they are, and when you’ll be able to enjoy them. You’ll also have a chance to offer your input for outdoor recreational projects in 2021.

Recorded Webinar Session


5/20/2020 - Virtual Tour of the Basin, Part 1 Virginia

We can’t possibly show you every unique outdoor recreational asset that’s located in the Dan River Basin in Virginia, but we bet we’ll surprise you with a few unique assets you didn’t know about! Join us and learn something new about the Virginia side of the watershed you live in.

Recorded Webinar Session


5/27/2020 - Spotlight: Philpott Lake

Philpott Lake is more than just a beautiful scenic lake. We’ll explore some of the cool things you can do at Philpott Lake, its history and it value to the Dan River Basin in this behind-the-scenes webinar.

Recorded Webinar Session


6/3/20 Mayo River State Park Master Plan

The Mayo River State Park, covering more than 2,700 acres over a 16-mile corridor, is going through a master planning process that will identify priority facilities, amenities, and recreation needs for the park's future. Learn more about the plan and how you can provide input to help it succeed.

Recorded Webinar Session


6/10/20 All About Pollinators

Three-fourths of the world’s flowering plants and all human crops depend on animal pollinators to reproduce. However, declines have been reported for many insect pollinator groups creating a significant threat to biodiversity, global food webs, and human health. Learn more about pollinators during this live webinar co-hosted with Dr. Kal Ivanov, Assistant Curator of Invertebrate Zoology at the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

Recorded Webinar Session


6/17/20 Birds of the Dan River Basin

Learn about the birds you might find singing and flying (or swimming) around the Dan River Basin in this live webinar co-hosted by Kendall Harden. You will learn about the species in our region and what time of year you might see them. You’ll also find out about the basics of bird watching and how to make your yard a bird haven!

Recorded Webinar Session


6/24/20 Virtual Tour of the Dan River Basin, Part 2 North Carolina

The North Carolina side of the Dan River Basin is full of amazing sites to explore! We can't cover all of them, but we'll virtually visit some that we know you'll want to visit!

Recorded Webinar Session


Virtual Tour of the Dan River Basin, Part 2 North Carolina - Spotlight Chinqua Penn Trail

Due to technical difficulties, the Chinqua Penn Trail was not included in the "Virtual Tour of the Dan River Basin, Part 2 North Carolina" webinar. We were able to record it after the webinar and you can view the presentation below. 

Recorded Webinar Session


7/29/20 River and Trail Safety Basics

Join DRBA's recreation pro, Brian Williams, for an informational webinar about the basics of hiking and paddling safety. You'll learn what you should always carry with you on an excursion and simple ways to prepare for potential challenges so that you can enjoy our local trails and rivers safely and responsibly.

Recorded Webinar Session