February 13, 2015

Disapproval Bills have been introduced in the house and senate for the MEC rules.  MEC rules completely ignore setback language for frack zone and aquifer which is very dangerous with some of our shale being just below or at the surface.  Setbacks from the river, homes and public buildings are grossly inadequate. Also there is no language in the rules for road maintenance, and drinking wells are not adequately protected.

We are served by Representative Bryan Holloway (919-733-5609) - who has signed on as co-sponsor (that's good!) or Bert Jones (919-733-5779 also home listed (336-342-6171) and Senator Phil Berger(919-733-5708) and home (336-623-5210) in Rockingham Co. 

Please call Byan Holloway and thank him for supporting House Bill 76

Please call Bert Jones and ask him to support House Bill 76

Please call Phil Berger and ask him to support Senate Bill 72