New Years Day FSO at Fairystone

January 1, 2022
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

New Years Day FSO at Fairystone

Please join us for a two-mile hike on the Lakeshore Trail in Virginia's Fairy Stone State Park on Saturday, January 1, 2022.

Participants will meet in the park by 10:00 a.m. at Picnic Shelter #2, (GPS 36.797225, -80.109738). Parking fees will be waived by the park for those participating in the First Saturday Outing hike.

Fairy Stone State Park, the largest of Virginia's first six state parks (opened on June 15, 1936), is named for the cross-shaped staurolite, a rare mineral found in the region. Legend says this area was once home to fairies and other woodland creatures.

Word of Jesus' crucifixion so saddened these fairies that they wept tears which crystallized staurolite (silica, iron and aluminum) in the form of Maltese, Roman, and St. Andrews crosses.

Outing coordinator Wayne Kirkpatrick adds, "The lake covers the past mining town of Fayerdale, once a bustling industrial community, and a railroad spur that carried iron ore extracted from the surrounding area. Our guide for the hike, Ranger Ben Salsar, will share the history of Fayerdale."

Amenities offered at the 4,741- acre state park, still one of Virginia's largest, include 15 plus miles of hiking or multi-use trails, a variety of camping facilities, fishing, summertime swimming, events, and programs. For more, see

Participants are asked to bring water; dress for the weather, hiking sticks are a plus. All participants will be asked to sign a waiver form. DRBA strongly encourages you to be vaccinated and to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth when in a group setting, even outdoors.

Directions: From US 220 at Bassett Forks, VA, turn west onto Hwy 57 (Fairystone Park Highway). Drive 12 .5 miles. Turn right onto Fairystone Lake Drive (Route 346 North), drive into the park to Picnic Shelter #2 (GPS 36.797225, -80.109738). Watch for the "DRBA FSO" signs.

From US 58 at Stuart, VA, turn north on Hwy 8. Drive 4 miles, then turn east onto Hwy 57 (Fairystone Park Highway), then follow the directions above

Outings and meetings of the Dan River Basin Association are open to the public without charge.

For more information, contact Trip Coordinator Wayne Kirkpatrick at or 540-570-3511.

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