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Just like individuals who give of themselves to help create a better society, corporations are striving to leverage their assets to contribute to society and become better citizens locally as well as the global forum. Evidence suggests that companies who invest in socially responsible business practices benefit from enhanced reputation, increased brand loyalty as well as heightened consumer and employee appeal. Good corporate citizenship is good for business. DRBA provides a variety of activities for our corporate partners that can improve reputation management; employee recruitment, motivation and retention; learning and innovation; competitiveness and market positioning; and operational efficiency.


DRBA has many opportunities for regional businesses to invest in the protection and preservation of our natural resources while promoting their company and inspiring their customers and employees. 

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About the Eco Ambassador Council
In an effort to expand efforts to support environmental protection and preservation opportunities in the Dan River Basin region, Carter Bank & Trust led the formation of the Eco Ambassador Council (EAC) and invited its partners in the region to join as Founding Members in 2020. Carter Bank & Trust hosted a virtual meeting to launch the EAC in November, 2020 with over twenty businesses in attendance.  Thank you to Lester Group, Hooker Furniture, Clark Gas & Oil, Frith Construction, Jones & DeShon Orthodontics, Blair Construction. and of course, Carter Bank & Trust, who decided to invest in making a positive impact for their communities by protecting our natural resources and becoming the Founding Members of the Eco Ambassador Council.  

Businesses who wish to combine their community investment to support environmental projects that increase tourism and economic development now and preservation of these precious resources for future generations are invited to join the EAC at any time.  Together, the EAC will be able to choose the impact they want to make and see immediate results of their investment.


What are the benefits of becoming an EAC Member?
The businesses that join the EAC join other leaders who are taking collective action to preserve and protect our region's natural resources.

  • Direct Impact Involvement - Members will have the opportunity to participate in how their investment makes an impact in the region by deciding which projects are implemented.
  • Annual Achievement Report & Luncheon - An annual report, highlighting the achievements of the EAC, will be published and distributed throughout the region to media, government, education, faith-based, corporate and private citizens via print, electronic and social media outlets.  Each EAC member will have its own 1-page overview to design as they wish.  Each year, the EAC will hold an annual luncheon to recruit new members and highlight these accomplishments.
  • Marketing/Publicity - In the social media era, charitable companies earn a reputation as being “good” companies, and people are more likely to want to buy from - or do business with - them. As a member of the EAC, your business is spreading the word about your values and intentions, and helping you get introduced to new customers who are involved with the nonprofit organization.

How to become an EAC Member
EAC members make an investment of $5,000.  The EAC gifts will be combined into an Annual Fund that will be used to implement environmental projects chosen by the Council. Please contact Tyler Carter at Carter Bank & Trust, or (540) 493-0582 for more information.


How are the annual projects selected?
EAC members will be provided a menu of project choices on or about January 15 of each year. Each member may decide internally what process they use to determine their top three project choices.  Members may decide to allow their customers, employees and/or top leadership to choose their top choices.  Members then choose their top three choices. The overall top project choices will be determined based on Annual Fund balance.  The Annual Project(s) are typically announced in February. 


Will my employees and their families be able to participate in the projects?
Yes, EAC projects will require volunteer participation, community outreach and actual "get your hands dirty" involvement.  Each EAC member will be notified with a Project Summary, Project Timeline and Project Volunteer Opportunities Menu for each project that has been selected.  Video, pictures and regular updates will also be provided to each partner so employees can keep updated and encouraged to participate.


Who do I contact to become a member or to learn more about DRBA and/or the EAC?
To learn more about the EAC, please contact Tyler Carter at Carter Bank & Trust, or (540) 493-0582.


Thank you to the Founding Members of the Eco Ambassador Council