For Local Government

DRBA is actively engaged in leveraging the economic potential of the region’s natural resources throughout the 16-county region it serves.  DRBA and partners are planning, building and promoting a system of river access points, parks, and trails throughout the Dan River Basin that attract new business, families and tourists. DRBA’s activities promote learning, conservation and active lifestyles. The end result is an improved quality of life, a healthier community, and an attractive place in which to live and do business.

DRBA partners with over a dozen local municipalities in various ways.  If a local government is located in the Dan River Basin, DRBA can be a great resource:

  • A DRBA Municipality Membership is a great way to help ensure that your community’s cultural and natural resources are protected, preserved and promoted. Your investment in DRBA is an investment in the economic vitality and health of your community. 
  • Assistance with recreational use planning, environmental solutions and promotion, find out more 
  • Calendar postings on DRBA’s website and E-Newsletter of your community’s outdoor recreational and cultural activities, send posts to
  • Invitations to seminars and workshops that improve knowledge of environmental issues and skills.
  • Networking opportunities with other municipalities and best practice sharing.
  • Assistance with construction of trails, river access and development of blue trails and blueways.
  • Water quality data collection and research.
  • Policy development and green infrastructure.
  • Tourism assistance and asset construction.

For more information about how your local government department can partner with DRBA, call us 336.627.6270!